Services in Hotel Human Resources

Exceptional Hospitality is Our Focus

Exceptional hospitality is the focal point of everything we do at Pacific West Hotels & Resorts. To achieve success we feel it is important to build a culture within each of our hotels and to further define our greatest asset as our employees. We are committed to the satisfaction of employees at every level through our services in hotel human resources.

We believe that our people should be treated as well as our guests because employee loyalty is critical to guest loyalty. We also believe that as a result of the bonds we create with our employees, we produce greater results than the competition. We have progressive hiring and orientation techniques, utilizing the strengths-based hiring practices and behavioral-based interviewing and screening focused on hiring the best talent. At every property we profile the talent to find the executive team best suited to achieve the property objectives, and we encourage their creativity and community involvement through our vigorous human resource management in the hospitality industry.

Our associates are trained to have the skills to deal with real people and not machines, and to focus on their relationships with our guests and each other. Warmth, loyalty, integrity, recognition and lots of fun are key concepts. The result is a pleasant, vibrant and energetic work force, resulting in a low turnover rate and improved efficiencies and profits. To learn more about human resource management at Pacific West Hotels & Resorts, please contact us.